A Skeptic’s Guide To ZZ Top; Threefifty Duo Live In Studio; The History Of 'Hava Nagila'

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ZZ Top

In this episode: ZZ Top are the original beardos...at least according to writer Anna Bond. She joins us with a "Skeptic’s Guide" to the band that has the formula for barbecue-flavored blues pop down pat.

Plus: The two classical guitarists of the Threefifty Duo like classical music just fine. They just don't play much of it, working instead on the edges of indie rock and minimalism.  They play live.

And: An exhibit at the Museum of Jewish Heritage charts the surprising history of the universally familiar, if not universally popular song, "Hava Nagila." Curator Melissa Martens shares the story of the Jewish tune, and its journey from Ukraine to YouTube. Read John Schaefer's attempt to keep the tune out of his own wedding reception.