Quinn Legal Filing Calls For Immediate Action on Stop and Frisk

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With just over a week to go before the mayoral primary, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn is keeping up the pressure on the Bloomberg Administration over the NYPD's use of "stop and frisk."

Speaker Quinn held a City Hall news conference Sunday to unveil the Council's legal filing, which calls for the city to implement a federal court's remedies to the NYPD's "stop and frisk" policy. The remedies include an independent monitor who would be in addition to the inspector general the council recently approved, by overriding Mayor Bloomberg's veto.

Quinn's legal filing also opposes the City’s request for a stay of the federal ruling, which called the NYPD's use of "stop and frisk" unconstitutional.

Recent polls show Quinn trailing Democratic rival Bill deBlasio by double digits in the mayor's race, and she's running neck-and-neck with Bill Thompson. "Stop and frisk" has been one of the top issues during the campaign, with the candidates struggling to assert their positions. The distant running John Liu is the only candidate who's said he'd eliminate stop and frisk entirely.

The primary is Tuesday, September 10. If no candidate gets 40 percent of the vote, a runoff between the top two finishers will take place October 1.