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Christie's Boardwalk Strolls: Governing or Campaigning?

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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie spent the run-up to the Labor Day weekend making appearances at the Jersey Shore. And if you weren't at the shore to see the governor himself, you could see him everytime you turned on the TV

The Stronger Than the Storm tourism ad features the governor and his family and is funded by federal Sandy aid. But some critics pointed to Christie's boardwalk tours as simply more campaigning — paid for by the state.

"It's something of a victory lap," said Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Matt Katz. "He is congratulating New Jersey for dusting itself off and getting back to the Jersey Shore of yesteryear." There are hundreds of people waiting to hug him and thank him, he said.

 "There's certainly politics going on here, but it's not completely about politics," he said, but added that there's speculation that Christie didn't go with the lowest bidder for the ads because that vendor was not going to feature him and his family.


To listen to WNYC's Amy Eddings interview Matt Katz, click the arrow above.