The Lion

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In Shibuya's red light district, Kurt Andersen stumbles into a refuge from the chaos of Tokyo: the Lion cafe, a temple for classical music fans, with scratchy records played at the altar.

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(Originally aired: February 6, 2009)






Slideshow: Inside the Lion

The Lion, one of Kurt's favorite Tokyo spots, is an establishment unique to the bustling city.

( Leital Molad )

The Lion operates as a cafe, but the dark wood paneling and rows of wooden benches make it feel more like a chapel.

( Jenny Lawton )

Not quite Japanese, and not quite Western, Kurt described entering the Lion as “stepping into a time warp ... into a work of fiction set in some quasi-European place between the world wars.”

( Jenny Lawton )

The Lion's 12-foot wooden speakers play classical music on LP's so old you can hear their pops and scratches. (And yes, that's a bust of Beethoven.)

( Jenny Lawton )