TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo Links from Around the Web

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Artist Bill Brand stands in front of the Transit-scope, a zoetrope style art installation an NYC subway tunnel.

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For busy labor day weekend, no driving across SF Bay, as old bridge closes to make way for new (Link)

Should NYC remove the new pedestrian plazas in Times Square and Herald Square? GOP candidates say maybe. (Link)

How does a teen cross the road? While using electronics. One if five observed distracted walking to school. (Link)



Americans are driving 7 percent less than last year. The only states that didn't see a decrease: Alabama, Louisiana, Nevada and North Dakota. (TheHill)

So, here's a list of where to live in Los Angeles without a car. (Metro)

The Sec. of Transportation has chosen a chief of staff, a former aide to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. (TheHill)

Scampering kittens stopped two NYC subway lines for hours as police and MTA employees tried to roost them away from the third rail. (WSJ)

And news photographers scrambled to get a shot at a story so ready made for viral web clicks. Like we said, kittens being saved. (NY Post gallery)

So just to clarify, the old Bay Bridge East Span is closing, not all the rest of it. So all those sad goodbye tweets are a little misplaced. (BuzzFeed)

The Triboro RX, Gateway, and other future subway proposals explained. (2ndAveSagas)

There aren't many good reasons for a nine year-old to be driving a car. But this little girl saved her daddy's life. (WJHG)

In a sign of advancement (and profit) for the curbside bus industry, one company is now offering luggage storage in NYC. (PRNewswire)

With Texas state gov't considering handing over maintenance of some roads to counties, local officials are voicing worries. (KUHF)

Tesla is now worth $20 billion. (AutoBlogGreen)

Some lessons from the Millennial Trains Project where 24 young(ish) students studied personalized projects while traveling America on a 1950s rail car. (Dowser)

And here's the re-installed Mass-Transitscope, the zoetrope in the NYC subway originally installed in 1980 and just spruced up. Video: