Comedian Kurt Braunohler Talks Indie Rock And Picks Three

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This segment originally aired on Aug. 30, 2013.

Kurt Braunohler recently released his debut album through Kill Rock Stars -- an indie label that also has on its roster bands like The Decemberists, Sleater-Kinney, Deerhoof, and Thao and the Get Down Stay Down. But Braunohler’s album, called How Do I Land? isn’t just a first for him – it’s also the label’s first-ever comedy album.

The comedian and host of the podcast The K Ohle with Kurt Braunohler joins us to share three tracks in our series Pick Three, and to talk about the confluence of music and comedy, his college punk band (called "Como Safeway") and how writing standup comedy is like writing songs. 


Kurt's Pick Three: 

Unwound, "Corpse Pose"

This is one of my favorite Unwound songs. Unwound was one of my favorite bands coming up, and they're really the reason that I fell in love with Kill Rock Stars and listened to everything they put out. 

River City Extension, "Our New Intelligence":

This band is from Asbury Park. They're amazing - they do a show every Thanksgiving at the Stone Pony. I've never been to a rock and roll show that felt more like everybody was in a family together. It's the best feeling I've ever had. I try to go back every year, just go to that show. 

Cloud Nothings, "Been Through"

I'm a child of the '90s, so I'm obsessed with that mid-'90s sound, and they do have that kind of mid-'90s kind of college rock sound. Their earlier records were much higher-end and more tinny and aggressive, and now the most recent album is dark and heavy, much heavier than their stuff before. But also still in a very mid-'90s vein.


Interview Highlights:

On how he got signed to an indie rock label: 

Kill Rock Stars retweeted a tweet that I had done maybe a year ago, and we got in conversation -- and I was like, you're one of my favorite labels... do you wanna do a comedy record? And that day, we got on the phone and we were like, let's do it! 

On his own musical experience growing up: 

I think I played every instrument. The piano, the saxophone, the guitar. And I'm just not good at playing music. But I think that history with it got me obsessed with music. And really, in college that's all I wanted to do. 

On what kind of music he'd have on his own hypothetical late night talk show: 

There's a group called Adira Amram and The Experience -- she's a comedian who also plays keyboard and sings. She would be my go-to group.