Paterson Faces the Music

Monday, September 28, 2009

Governor Paterson was on Meet the Press Sunday to discuss the state of New York; the appointment of Richard Ravitch as his Lieutenant Governor; and the alleged White House intervention into the 2010 election. David Freelander, managing editor of City Hall and The Capitol and Tom Robbins of the Village Voice discuss the state of the State. Plus, one last primer on tomorrow's runoff.


David Freelander and Tom Robbins

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Paul I. Adujie from New York, New York

“Lifting As We Climb” the mantra and credo which was coined by, National Association of Colored Women, NACW, and which guided Ms. Ida B Wells and her African American women contemporaries, is my preferred worldview.

But is President Obama doing the opposite for continental Africans and peoples of African descent? Or, is it just me, who is splitting hairs, too particular and overanalyzing our brother president? I took strong exceptions to our president’s speeches in July, 2009 speeches which I surmised were lopsided in comparison with his stated willingness to have unconditional polite, diplomatic and productive conversations with, even, “known-enemies” of America and members of President Bush’s Axis of Evil!
President Obama’s White House declaratively announced the other day, that the vitriolic stridency of his unreasoned attackers were not motivated by the fact that President Obama is biracial and so, the White House effectively, “pretended” to be capable of debunking the palpable racism his attackers who claim to care for America more than Obama and the rest of us. President Obama cannot be faulted for wanting to appear presidential, above the fray and thereby occupy the moral high ground, as president of all Americans. But the reaction from the White House cannot fool President Carter, President Bill Clinton and many others who sees Obama’s vociferous and conceptually violent attackers, for what they are, racists!

Sep. 28 2009 12:08 PM
Robert from Manhattan

Amy's framing of the Paterson situation contains a fundamental inaccuracy. She has said at least three times that he intends to run for re-election. He was never elected governor!! In fact, it is a stretch to say he has ever really faced the voters statewide, given how superfluous running mates are when the guy at the top of the ticket is as popular as Eliot Spitzer was when they ran.

The NY Times is absolutely right. He should drop out and use the rest of his term making statesmanlike decisions. Doing the right thing for the state in the 15 months he has left will be a greater legacy by far than the one he certainly faces now ... as the accidental governor who never should have tried to run (and that is true even if somehow he could squeak past Giuliani). How refreshing it would be if he could call out the political posturers on all sides as being at odds with the needs of the people. If he is one of the people who actually ARE running, he could never perform such a service.

Sep. 28 2009 10:35 AM
Steven Forbis from Manhattan

Patterson is the most adult, responsible official in Albany. He was the first to confront the state's financial crisis, his selection to replace Hillary Clinton was inspired and did not cost a House seat as feared by critics, his support of gay marriage is just and his solution to the lieutenant governor vacancy was bold and correct. He wins and wins and wins and he deserves the respect and support of his party and his fellow citizens.

Sep. 28 2009 10:26 AM
Ed from East Village

Patterson is a bumbling idiot. No matter what all of his cronies think, the public has noticed. Bye, bye David.

Sep. 28 2009 10:23 AM
jim c from Brooklyn

I think Gov. Patterson should not have sounded so evasive on TV yesterday. I think he could have helped himself more by being clear, or he shouldn't have consented to be on the show. For example I would like to hear something like this:
"Yes the White House asked me not to run but I think they are wrong to do so, and here's why...". But all the secrecy and "confidentiality" surrounding this matter is, to say the least, damaging to his political stature. And to dance around the questions makes the whole matter laughable.

Sep. 28 2009 10:23 AM
antonio from park slope

I agree with the caller..

Polls showed Hillary Clinton 60% in october 2007.
Isn't this a little too far out to speculate?

I mean the Republican challengers are Lazio or giuliani..
not Lincoln Chafee...

Sep. 28 2009 10:22 AM
Richard Spiegel from Staten Island

Governor Paterson stood his ground during the Meet the Press interview. He is admirable in facing the nay sayers. We need that kind of leadership and role model for a state that is going through hard times. He has better vision than those who will not see.

Sep. 28 2009 10:21 AM
CJ from NY

No one will lose BADLY to Guiliani. Guilliani had a lot of detractors before he ran for the Republican nomination for President. He made such an ass out of himself during the run, I can't imagine he would have a landslide victory for Governer.

Sep. 28 2009 10:19 AM
TW3 from nyc

I'm one of the 18%.
What has Patterson done that is so terrible except tell the truth.
Don't use my name. I should be working.

Sep. 28 2009 10:17 AM
kai from NJ-NYC

The other reason Republicans are decrying the WH's request for Paterson to step aside is because they would rather face Paterson than Cuomo. At the very least Paterson muddies the waters during the Democratic primary if he runs.

Sep. 28 2009 10:16 AM
antonio from park slope

Patterson 2010

Sep. 28 2009 10:14 AM
Robert from NYC

I think you mean Cuomo is favorite for Governor not Mayor. Although ALMOST ANYBODY would be an improvement over our present mayor.

Sep. 28 2009 09:58 AM
Martin Chuzzlewit from manhattan


Yes, Cuomo was given an "IOU" for the future when he was asked (by Bill Clinton himself) and agreed to back down from challenging Carl McCall for the Democratic nomination for governor in 2002 to run against Pataki in his last term. This was to clear the way for McCall to become the first African-American governor. (Yes, it is embarrassing that Democrats do indeed seem to be ever obsessed by clumsy racial showmanship.) The only problem was that McCall got trounced by even so anemic a candidate as Pataki.

Well, Cuomo has now come to collect on that coupon. That is why he has remained so quiet and low profile on this issue. He knows that the party will do the heavy lifting. Then, gee whiz, he'll be asked to come in and fill the slot....and, good heavens, he'll say, how could he disappoint everyone?

There is one big difference between David Patterson and Andrew Cuomo. CHARACTER. Patterson has it, Cuomo doesn't.

Sep. 28 2009 09:55 AM
Gabrielle from Brooklyn

i heard Cuomo was the Democratic Party's preferred candidate for mayor. how true is this?

Sep. 28 2009 09:15 AM
Peter from Sunset Park

President Obama has asked Governor Patterson not to run for re-election. How odd. We know that President Obama is bigoted towards gays and lesbians. Perhaps President Obama holds negative views towards people who are blind? Then of course, there is the very important point that President Jimmy Carter reminds us about – is this a racist act by President Obama? It is odd. After all, Salon and other lefty publications have been writing articles pointing out Obama's great reluctance to challenge Democratic incumbents. And when Obama finally does challenge an incumbent, he chooses a blind African American incumbent. Very, very odd.

Sep. 28 2009 08:56 AM
George from Bay Ridge

Will you be discussing the comptroller runoff? Who is most likely to win?

Why is Paterson so unpopular?

Sep. 28 2009 04:07 AM

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