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Newark Teachers Get $1.3 Million in Performance-Based Bonus Checks

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More than $1.3 million in performance-based bonus checks are being issued to 190 teachers in Newark, N.J.

Teachers who were rated "highly effective" on their yearly evaluation are getting a $5,000 bonus. Teachers who got the same rating, but teach a subject that is difficult to staff, and in a low-performing school district, are each getting up to $12,500.

"Hard-to-staff" subjects in the district include French and Chinese-language classes in all grades and biology, science and chemistry in Grades 6-12, according to Newark Public Schools.

Merit bonuses are a first for Newark teachers – part of a negotiated three-year contract between the district and the Newark Teacher’s Union. The funds come from the district’s general budget, as well as from money donated in 2010 by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

How the bonus checks were issued: 

Bonus Type 

Bonus Amount 

# of Teachers 

Total Amount 

Highly Effective 




Highly Effective and in Hard-to-Staff Subject 




Highly Effective and in Lowest-Performing School  




Highly Effective, in Lowest-Performing School, and in Hard-to-Staff Subject 








(The Newark Public Schools)