Sticker Me Beautiful: Purikura

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Kurt Andersen lands in Tokyo's Shibuya — glitzy and bustling, it makes Times Square look quaint, and it’s the epicenter of teen culture. Kurt meets up with blogger Lisa Katayama, who takes Kurt to a girl haven: the sticker picture booth. Striking poses against glittery pink and purple backdrops just might be Japan's secret to happiness.

→ See a video and a slideshow of Kurt and Lisa's visit to a sticker picture booth below

(Originally aired: February 6, 2009)










Video: Kurt Andersen Visits Tokyo's Sticker Picture Booths


Slideshow: Kurt and Lisa's Sticker Picture Booth Adventure

Music Playlist

  1. Giraffe Giraffe

    Artist: Toastgirl
    Album: Mini Album
    Label: Philter Records
  2. Hally

    Artist: Squarewave Surfers
    Album: Memory of 8bit
    Label: VORC Records
  3. Tonori No Totoro

    Artist: "My Neighbor Totoro"
    Album: (taken from film)
    Label: Disney
  4. Metamorfosi Concertante

    Artist: IMAI Shigueyuki
    Album: The Japanese Composers 2005
  5. The Wind Forest from My Neighbor Totoro

    Artist: Mari Fujiwara
    Album: The Most Relaxing New Age Music in the Universe
    Label: Kin Kou
  6. Are You Awake?

    Artist: Kevin Shields
    Album: Lost in Translation soundtrack
    Label: Emperor Norton
  7. Incidental music

    Artist: My Neighbor Totoro
    Album: (taken from film)
    Label: Disney

The “purikura,” or sticker picture booth, is a popular hang-out for Japanese girls.

( Leital Molad )

Purikura allow users to customize their photos by inserting text and graphics.

( Leital Molad )

Once the pictures are decorated, the booth prints out two sheets of teeny tiny stickers.

( Leital Molad )

Kurt and Lisa are transformed into “sweet beautiful girls.”

( Leital Molad )