Studio 360 in Japan

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Studio 360 is big in Japan. Kurt Andersen hits the streets of Tokyo in search of cutting-edge art and design. Female art stars take on the schoolgirl stereotype; young rebels scream against an economic system that failed them. And Kurt goes undercover at the epicenter of all things nerdy to get a taste of otaku culture.

(Originally aired: February 6, 2009)

Studio 360 in Japan was produced by Jenny Lawton, Pejk Malinovski and Leital Molad, and is supported, in part, by the Freeman Foundation and the United States-Japan Foundation.

Special thanks to David D’Heilly, Shizu Yuasa, Junko Takeuchi, Ken Marks, Chris Bannon, Amy Busam, Alex Villari, Anna Boiko-Weyrauch, Ralph Samuelson, Yoko Shioya, David Janes, Kazuo Kawamura, Lisa Kato, and On the Media.