De Blasio, a Practiced Critic, Confronts New Role of Frontrunner : Slideshow

Sunday, August 25, 2013

De Blasio started his public schedule with a press conference at City Hall, where he called for the council to override Bloomberg's veto on two bills to create greater oversight for the NYPD.
Anna Sale/WNYC
Before the first of two stops at Brooklyn senior centers, de Blasio paces alone on a street corner while taking a campaign-related phone call.
Anna Sale/WNYC
De Blasio's teenage son Dante joined him to greet voters at two senior centers in Brooklyn.
Anna Sale/WNYC
While talking about The Wire, the HBO show, De Blasio grabs his blackberry to look up the name of the mayor's aide, his favorite character.
De Blasio arrived late, but stayed later than all the other Democratic candidates at a forum for Russian-speaking voters in Brighton Beach. Quinn did not attend.
Anna Sale/WNYC

Police officers stopped de Blasio for a picture outside a mayoral forum in Brighton Beach on the day the city council overrode the mayor's veto on bills to add more oversight to city police. De Blasio supported both bills, which were blasted by both Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.

Anna Sale/WNYC
The day's public schedule ends at an Young Democrats awards ceremoney at a Manhattan club, where De Blasio is greeted like a rock star.


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