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Friday, August 23, 2013 - 08:05 AM

Mass transit jewelry. The Sesame ring can replace your Charlie Card (Boston's subway fare card) (Kickstarter)

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Sky Cowboys: The ironworkers who built the new bay bridge, an audio slideshow. (Link)

The patent troll that was suing transit companies backs down. (Link)



ProPublica named Transportation Nation's NJ Transit report in a list of the best hurricane reporting. (ProPublica)



Apple acquires another mapping company that tracks mass transit to improve its mapping app. (Forbes)

A nationwide bike sharing program launched in England. (Guardian)

How about replacing your transit fare card with superhero inspired jewelry? The Sesame Ring has been prototyped in Boston (not by MBTA). Video below. (Time)

People in bigger cars are more likely to drive like jerks and it's because their posture makes them feel more powerful. (NPR)

Volkswagen is pushing regulators to lighten up on, and support diesel vehicles. (Detroit News)

The Armadillo T is a folding electric car designed for cities. (Gas2)

The Twin Cities debate (and complain about cost of) a new light rail line proposal. (Star Tribune

Pittsburgh starts testing real-time bus arrival information with 25 buses. (TransitWire)

Go figure, a new study finds that real estate developers and big employers want to build near transit, which supports Transit Oriented Development strategies. (Metro Mag via DirectTransfer)

We missed this one last week, but ... Penn Station is "a fittingly decrepit gateway to a city where politics mire the most minor of railway upgrades" and fancy architecture won't save it. (NY Observer via 2ndAveSagas w/his own response today)

The Weather Channel jumps into transit futurism with a glowing summary of the NASA-affiliated personal pod transportation plan. (Link)



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