Explaining the Time Warner, CBS Dispute

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It's been 20 days since the CBS blackout went into effect for the area's three million Time Warner customers and there's been little indication that anything is going to change anytime soon. 

But Time Warner and CBS did agree to lift the blackout for one hour Thursday, so voters in the city can watch the debate of the two Democratic candidates for comptroller.

David Bank, media analyst for RBC Capital Investments, said the temporary agreement does not indicate growing cooperation. “People believe it is their God-given right to watch television,” Bank said. “And because of that belief, it is a very easy controversy for the government to get involved in. Now, can the government actually do anything of consequence? …Not that much, but just having the government kind of poke around in this issue is probably bad for both sides.”

Bank said there is one factor that could spur both sides to come to an agreement: the upcoming NFL season.

To hear a full interview with David Bank, click on the audio above.