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Thursday, August 22, 2013 - 07:15 AM

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D.C. has already outlawed Uber's new taxi service. Their cars are too small. (Link)

Yes New Yorkers, now all major cell carriers will work on SOME subway platforms. But the rest will take a while. (Link)

Sharing is hard. Here's the story of a bike lane battle in D.C. Historic Church vs cycling group. (Link)



Survey: Americans are less likely to perceive a serious threat from dangerous driving behaviors such as drunk, aggressive or drowsy driving. (AAA)

Noteworthy: A hybrid bus company has filed for bankruptcy. U.S. Transpo Secretary Anthony Foxx worked for them, earning him some eco-transit bonafides. (Charlotte Observer, via TransitWire)

Kabul only has a handful of traffic lights. So traffic is terrible. But there's a new master plan. (AtlanticCities)

In Boston, 15% of non-corporate transit fare tickets are bought through the MBTA's smartphone app. (TransitWire)

The Economist doubles down on defense of airline deregulation. "The consolidation of air service at central hub cities is bad news for cities that aren't hubs. But it's great news for the cities that are." (Link)

A very diligent review of the science of Elon Musk's Hyperloop proposal. "it would appear that the main innovations... are the type of air bearings used to reduce friction forces on the moving capsules and design elements that avoid the limitations encountered when the airflow around the capsules is choked." (Gizmag)

Another story on how property values are rising along the planned CalTrain route. (TheRegistry via DirectTransfer)


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