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Christie Softening on Climate Change?

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Nearly ten months after Sandy, Governor Christie is continuing to avoid discussions about the threat of climate change leading to more severe storms. But remarks the Governor made yesterday show he seems to be taking a softer approach.

The Governor’s comments came at a press conference in Little Ferry, to announce the findings of the federal Sandy Rebuilding Task Force. The report outlines 69 steps to make the region more resilient, and places climate change at the front-and-center of all of its recommendations. Christie has in the past called that an "esoteric discussion" and said it's above his pay grade, but yesterday he acknowledged that something is going on.

"I wish I could stand here today and tell you that we’ll never have another storm like Sandy. I can't. I'm tired of hearing this "hundred-year-storm" garbage. I've been Governor for three-and-a-half years, I've had three hundred-year-storms."

Democratic Congressman Bill Pascrell was also at the event. He says it’s time to make policies that recognize the threats of climate change rather than trying to fight the science.