Punk, Then And Now: Savages, Death, And A Magazine That Burned Out Before It Faded Away

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Soundcheck is revisiting some of our favorite segments from the past year. Today, we're presenting "Punk, Then And Now," featuring a live set from a highly celebrated new post-punk band, a documentary about a rediscovered classic punk group, and a new book looking back at punk's first magazine.

In this episode: In 2012, British post-punk band Savages was hailed as one of the best new bands in the U.K. with just a handful of songs to its credit. Now the group's brutal and elegant debut, Silence Yourself, is earning rave reviews. We hear an in-studio performance.

Plus: A new documentary sheds light on Death, a Detroit-based proto-punk group founded in 1971 by three African-American brothers. We talk with member Bobby Hackney Sr. and the film’s director, Jeff Howlett.

And: Punk magazine folded in 1979 after publishing just 17 issues, but it also chronicled the critical early years of the punk movement. We hear the story from Punk co-founder John Holmstrom.