Report: Bed-Stuy Hospital Closing Will Flood Brooklyn's Psych Beds

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Public Advocate Bill de Blasio argues in a report to be released today that the closure of a hospital in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, will overwhelm adjoining facilities with psychiatric patients.

Interfaith Medical Center, slated to be closed in the coming months for financial reasons, has 120 inpatient beds and operates close to capacity, as do most other psychiatric facilities in Brooklyn, according to the report.

De Blasio, who is running for mayor, says that closing Interfaith Medical Center would bring the remaining hospitals in the borough to 107 percent of their capacity for psychiatric inpatients—and even higher if recent temporary and permanent closures are counted.

The analysis was based on state health department data.

A spokesman for the state health department, Bill Schwarz, said in an e-mail that officials are working "to ensure that residents served by Interfaith continue to receive quality health care--including behavioral health services--in their community."