Egyptians in NYC Fearfully Watching Events Unfold

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Residents in Little Egypt in Astoria, Queens watch the news unfold.

In Egypt, more than 600 people are dead after violent clashes between authorities and supporters of ousted president Mohammed Morsi. On a stretch of road in Astoria, Queens, known as "Little Egypt," Egyptians are fearfully watching for what will happen next.

Abrihim Zeinhom, 31, said that he works at the Arab Community Center and his entire family is in Cairo, so he is glued to his phone. "I'm really worried, like every day I have to call there and see everybody's OK, everybody's all right, because you never know," he said.

He said conditions are worse than anytime when Hosni Mubarack was president.

"What have we done since Jan 25? We just go back the way we were before. We didn't do anything, wasting time and lives for no reason," said Tamer Abdelhady, whose family lives outside of Cairo.

There's dispute in Abdelhady's family about the bloody crackdown. His father was in the army for many years and believes the country needs a strong man.

"He agreed with what was done, but myself, I'm not," he said. "We were looking to be better than that. We've been under the army for more than 30 years or 50 years. We didn't go nowhere," Abdelhady said.

Others say they aren't fans of the Muslim Brotherhood, but believe Morsi should have served his term and the people should decide if he should stay or go.