Haters Take Note: Salon Lists 15 Most Hated Bands

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According to a new 'Salon' article, lots of people hate Dave Matthews Band.

Recently, writer Chuck Klosterman was on Soundcheck talking about softening his hatred of The Eagles, as chronicled in his recent book, I Wear the Black Hat. In fact, Klosterman’s essay on whether to hate – or not to hate – The Eagles sparked some discussion on Salon.

And that, in turn, sparked the site to compile a list of “The 15 most hated bands of the last 30 years.” Assistant editor Prachi Gupta gives us some of the highlights.


Nickelback, "How You Remind Me" from Silver Side Up

It’s actually an NPR story that talks about the similarities between the various Nickelback songs. And there’s been a lot of speculation that Nickelback actually plagiarizes itself. I think that’s a common trope in pop music: “Oh, this band sucks because all their music sounds the same.” In the case of Nickelback, it is oddly true.



Lana Del Rey, "Video Games" from Born to Die

With her, I think it’s all most about the image. She’s been described as the gangster Nancy Sinatra. That seems a bit disingenuous, and I think that’s what a lot of what the criticism with her is about. She’s invoking this era of more classic music and more soulful music that she just doesn’t really live up to. I think that was really visible in her SNL performance where she was very, almost, robotic.



Dave Matthews, "Gravedigger" from Some Devil

There is so much talent in that band, but they are so hated by a subset of people because they’ve been associated with a yuppie culture. Suburban middle class college kids overtook the band’s image. That’s not necessarily any fault of the talented band themselves, but I think that does exemplify why so many people — who wouldn’t necessarily listen to Dave Matthews on the radio — refuse to get into Dave Matthews Band and explore [the band’s more substantive songs].