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For this New Sounds program, sample a globetrotting set of acoustic music with guitar as the starting point.  There’s music by Stephane Wrembel, who visits everything from blues to flamenco to rock on his record “Origins.”  Listen next to South African guitarist Derek Gripper, who has also studied and mastered the kora, the instrument of the Malian griot. 

We’ll also hear a bit of music for kora from Ablaye Cissoko with trumpeter Volker Goetze, something from pipa player Wu Man & multi-instrumentalist Adulla Majnun (diltar, dutar, tambur) from Xinjiang, the Uyghur Autonomous Region of China.  Plus, music from composers Christian Frederickson & Ryan Rumery from Palissimo's "The Painted Bird (Part III): Strange Cargo"  to accompany dances by choreographer Pavel Zustiak.

PROGRAM #3333, Global Guitars & Things  (First aired on 5/2/2012)                                                      





Surface to Air

Surface to Air

Burwell: Blood Simple, excerpt [1:30]

NCM East NCM 40133

Stephane Wrembel  


The Voice From the Desert [2:44]
Momentum [4:34]

Water is Life Records WIL 04

Derek Gripper

The Sound of Water

Salvador [6:49]

Ryan Rumery

Music for Lincoln Center Theater’s Production of 4000 Miles by Amy Herzog

Music for "4000 Miles" by Amy Herzog [6:05]

Volker Goetze & Ablaye Cissoko

Amanke Dionti

Silo [6:22]

Motema MTM-84

Wu Man, pipa; Adbulla Majnun, diltar & Tajik musicians


Chebiyat [3:59]

Smithsonian Folkways 40529

Volker Goetze & Ablaye Cissoko

Amanke Dionti

Haiti [7:01]

See above.

Surface to Air

Surface to Air

Blood Simple (Carter Burwell cover) [3:37]
Arcana [4:58]

NCM East NCM 40133