Please Explain: Ticks

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There are more ticks in more places than ever before, and over the past two decades tick-borne illness has increased, especially in the northeast. Dr. Thomas Mather, director of the University of Rhode Island’s Center for Vector-Borne Disease and its TickEncounter Resource Center, and Dr. Thomas Daniels, Associate Research Scientist and Co-Director of the Vector Ecology Laboratory at Fordham University’s Louis Calder Center, tell us all about ticks, the blood-sucking arachnids that can spread disease and how to protect against tick bites and prevent tick-borne disease.

Tick Mouthparts.
Tick Mouthparts. ( URI TickEncounter Resource Center )
Nymph on Dr. Tom Mather.
Nymph on Dr. Tom Mather. ( URI TickEncounter Resource Center )
Bottles full of ticks.
Bottles full of ticks. ( URI TickEncounter Resource Center )