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An Easy Win for Lonegan in the GOP Senate Primary

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Steve Lonegan won the GOP primary with almost 80 percent of the vote last night. He defeated physician Alieta Eck.

At Republican Party headquarters, Lonegan wasted no time in blasting his opponent, Cory Booker, as beholden to Hollywood and Silicon Valley. But it has been over two decades since New Jersey voters elected a Republican to the Senate. Lonegan says he is ready for the challenge.

During his victory speech he said, "I want to tell you tonight in no uncertain terms and with clarity how we’re going to win the election October 16th 2013 and deliver the first Republican Senator in New Jersey in 42 years."

The former mayor of Bogota vowed to repeal Obamacare, end NSA surveillance, and de-fund the Department of Education. Lonegan, who is anti-choice and against new gun laws, trails Booker in polls by a wide margin.

Lonegan will face his Democratic opponent, Newark mayor Cory Booker, in the special Senate election on October 16.