Independent Budget Office Says Parking Tickets Are the Top Fine Generator

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Restaurant owners and vendors may often feel like they are shouldering the biggest burden of city fines, but it's actually drivers who pay the most into city coffers. 

According to a review of fines and violations by the city's Independent Budget Office, parking violations are expected to generate $518 million in revenue this fiscal year, more than 60 percent of the revenue generated from all fines.

IBO’s Doug Turetsky reviewed city fines and said the projected parking ticket revenue is $34 million dollars more than last fiscal year, mostly because Sandy caused parking rules to be suspended for long periods of time in 2012 which meant fewer tickets were issued.

But the city said that in the last six years there’s been an overall trend of decline in the issuing and collecting of fines and violations. For instance, in 2008 drivers paid more than $578 million in fines.

Kamran Mumtaz, a city hall spokesperson, wrote in an email, “In a perfect world, no one would break the law and we would have zero fines.  But we’ll continue to enforce against violators, so that everyone has a fair shot at finding parking.”