Stop-and-Frisk Monitor for the NYPD

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A federal judge has decided that the NYPD needs a monitor to oversee stop-and-frisk. Samuel Walker, emeritus professor of criminal justice at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and author of several works on civil liberties and police oversight, including Presidents and Civil Liberties From Wilson to Obama, explains the authority a monitor would have and other examples of such oversight from around the country.



Samuel Walker

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Suggestion: please consider doing a follow up segment that includes an interview with someone knowledgeable (and not biased) about the Oakland CA police department's court monitor, whom as far I can determine has tied that city's police force in knots with endless paperwork that is required for all police stops and arrests. Professor Walker only presented one side of the story.

Aug. 13 2013 03:59 PM
john from office

Negro Socialist and Fuva have spoken. All remain silent to the obvious, poor parenting and upbringing, resulting in constant interaction with police. Shelly, you can bow now.

Aug. 13 2013 02:50 PM
Leo from Queens

Bernie, thanks for your racist stereotypes. Most low income families have 1 or 2 children. Just like most working class, middle class white families.
There are black leaders, community activities that are struggling and giving their all on a daily basis to have a positive impact on kids in these communities.
What we've seen for the past 12 years is a mayor and commissioner which treat these leaders and minority elected officials with disdain and brute force even when they come with real concerns and ideas on how to address crime and address or dull the most eggregious parts of stop and frisk.
Just read through ( , or better yet, watch Kelly's performance and disdain of City council members during a hearing on Stop and Frisk last year. Or read through the incidents in which Kelly has used his cops to rough up and arrest minority councilmembers during a parade because obviously, the councilmember as a black person, did not belong with dignitaries or councilmembers protesting the abuses of the NYPD during Occupy Wall Street.

Aug. 13 2013 12:25 PM
bernie from bklyn

does the nypd abuse their power while stopping & frisking? yes, they do. the nypd does lots of stupid things all day, every day...compstat? compstat is an unreported disease within the nypd and needs to be exposed.
BUT the elephant in the room has to be addressed also. until "leaders" in the black community actually become leaders and somehow try to convince young black men & women to a) use contraception b) if you do get pregnant, you have to find a way to be a responsible parent. this city is filled with kids, teenagers, young adults who have had zero guidance in their lives and are completely out of control and their "parents" need to be held liable for their behavior on the streets. *see the 14 yr old kid who was shot and killed in the bronx the other night. take the mother and find the father and throw their asses in jail..that kid had no chance the minute he came out of the womb.

Aug. 13 2013 11:56 AM
Leo from Queens


I guess you are on the payroll of the NRA and gun manufactures promoting the 'Stand your ground' vigilatism laws implemented in states like Florida. How much you getting from the NRA terrorist group? must be a good gig

Southern states have more violence than NYC. We don't need that here.
Also, your promotion of 'stand your ground' goes against Bloomberg's excuse of the NYPD's aggressive racism, that people are carrying guns all the time and they should be stopped and frisked or executed if they make any move when confronted by a police officer dressed as a thug.

Aug. 13 2013 11:33 AM
Oscar from NY

This Bloomberg thinks he's Harry potter or the witch from Endor how he fortune tells or prognosticates the ppl of NY as if we were baseball cards and he just reads the statistic, I'm so glad this guy is going to be thru...

Aug. 13 2013 11:18 AM
Mr. Bad from NYC

@ Nick from UWS

I take your point but I think that there is a strong argument to be made for requiring the police to wear body cameras. What you're really getting is 24/7 monitoring of the police in exchange for another incremental loss of privacy. It's a tough call but if the proper safeguards were in place (easier to monitor and enforce local laws governing the data then when the Feds do it) it could be a very effective tool against police misconduct which we all know is endemic in this country.

We already know the Feds and cops are watching everything we do, from tracking license plates to Facebook posts, the opportunity to get a camera on the police is only fair. Just read these posts, all the cops are terrified of the idea. What does that tell you?

There are cameras in my building and in my office and that is probably true for most anyone else who works outside their home. It's about time the NYPD gets a taste of "on the job" monitoring.

Aug. 13 2013 11:14 AM
fuva from harlemworld

Yo, Bloomberg’s hysterical, hyperbolic, nonresponsive press conference yesterday validates his critics and further discredits him…

We absolutely cannot tolerate high crime rates, especially violent crime. And we absolutely cannot solve these (or any) problems if we don’t adequately understand them.

The mayor has self-destructed with his 3rd term. Like George Wallace and Eugene "Bull" Connor and Hazel Massery previously, Bloomberg, Kelly and their supporters will go down in history as enthusiastic promoters of ongoing systemic socioeconomic alienation of black folk – exemplified in part by the profiling, criminalization and excessive sentencing…

Aug. 13 2013 11:05 AM

Has anyone thought of the amount of energy, both from a cost and environmental standpoint, that will be required just to store the thousands and thousands of hours of video filmed by police body cameras? Its not like the NYPD can just upload these videos to YouTube. The city will need huge server storage facilities which will cost rent and massive energy costs for both processing and cooling of the server rooms.

Aug. 13 2013 10:53 AM

Sullivan Law, which has made it illegal for most New Yorkers to carry a gun, increased crime
The imposition of “Big Tim” Sullivan's law raised the United States murder rate by two full points, since the number of murders elsewhere declined in 1911.
Homicide US Graph at link

Aug. 13 2013 10:51 AM

Bloomberg: "If someone pulls a gun on you, and you want to get home to your family, you don't have time..."
In most states you can pull your gun and defend yourself. But not in NYC!
Sullivan Law of 1911 had several things to going for it:
1. Sullivan represented a dock district, and many of his constituents were muggers. Sullivan was leader of a notorious Irish gang. Their criminal work was impeded by the fact that citizens were arming themselves before going to that bad neighborhood, thereby making robbery a dangerous business. Sullivan wanted to protect his criminal constituents from armed victims, and his law has made New York safe for robbers ever since.
2. Tammany wanted to disarm Italians and blacks. The law served the same racist purposes that gun control served in Dixie: to disarm disfavored races. That's why the pistol licensing agent has unbridled discretion to discriminate under the Sullivan Law.
3. Tammany Hall wanted to be able to arrest political opponents.
4. Sullivan was crazy anyway, and soon was committed to an insane asylum. He eventually committed suicide. The law is as insane as he was.

The law was passed about 1911, and has protected muggers from their victims since then.

Aug. 13 2013 10:47 AM
Sheldon from Brooklyn

Well said Leo, Mr Bad, and hjs.

People like "John" who can't see to understand the difference between a cop legitimately stopping and frisking someone who matches the description of a perp or is "acting suspiciously" (= good policing)from cops routinely stopping people, just to stop 'em - to intimidate them, or run through their pockets, (hopefully) get some weed and arrest them - just meet a quota (= lazy policing.)

Aug. 13 2013 10:45 AM
blacksocialist from BKbaby

Miguel - what a foolish argument.

Aug. 13 2013 10:45 AM
Nick from UWS

Bodycams? Really? You really want the robot force surveilling the public 24/7 with bodycams? The NSA surveillance is not enough for you? You want more surveillance, more of the technological police state? You people are completely insane.

Aug. 13 2013 10:44 AM
Leo from queens

To Jgarbuz and John from Office: your comments make these false claims that in the 80s and 90's NYC was a war zone where people were constantly being hunted down and shot - Was crime higher then? YES IT WAS. there were more murders - SO WAS CRIME HIGHER ALL OVER THE COUNTRY.. THe abusive tactics and thuggish culture brought in by Guiliani and Kelly are not the reason for the reduction in crime. There are other economic and societal reasons.

I grew up here in NYC and went to school here. - I grew up in an ethhnically mixed neighborhood and was never assaulted or mugged. There was lots of drugs in places like Washington Square park, but it I commuted to school on the subways; I was out late at night and drove and took the subway late at night with no problems. My only real recollection of confrontation in the subways was a racist white lady calling a black woman the N word because of a tussle over a seat on a crowded train car. The trains were dirty and graffiti filled but that has nothing to do with the NYPD or Bloomberg. It was NOT the hell you portray it to be and by inference to have been resolved by Stop and Frisk.

Aug. 13 2013 10:44 AM
Smokey from LES

This sounds like a job for Google Glass! Google, step up and do the right thing - give some Glass to NYPD!

Aug. 13 2013 10:43 AM
Miguel Isaza from Long Island

Camera. What about the privacy of the officer. Camera is rolling; officer receives a private phone call on his cell. The conversation is recorded and his privacy invaded.

Aug. 13 2013 10:42 AM
blacksocialist from

you can always count on the resident knuckledraggers (john from office and jgarbuz) to show their ignorance. it's like arguing with a dog.... just pathetic

Aug. 13 2013 10:36 AM
Leo from Queens

Some here have made the point, and is correct, that stop and frisk and how abusive it is, is driven by quotas being set for police officers in terms of numbers of summons given and revenue brought in by the NYPD precints. It's not necessarily about crime - If we look at all of the associated ugly components of stop and frisk ( the fleecing of people stopped to get them to take out an ounce of Pot in order to arrest and fine them; the stopping and harrassment of people in public housing; etc) is that this is meant to intimidate, extract money and tag as many people of color with a record to prevent them from getting jobs or qualify for student aid for college.
you can reduce crime without using these abusive, unconstitutional tactics. - OTHER CITIES have reduced crime as well without using the Jim Crow tactics used by Kelly and Bloomberg

Aug. 13 2013 10:31 AM

Why is that it's not reported that cops are required to fill quotas. If officers don't make the numbers each quarter they will hear from the higher ups.

Aug. 13 2013 10:16 AM
Mr. Bad from NYC

I think it's important to note that this ruling is largely symbolic and it will very likely be overturned on appeal. Why? Because the "Stop and Frisk" program is predicated on already settled law. The only thing that makes it notable is the special paperwork and performance tracking metrics that are used by the NYPD to monitor its own officers:

If the NYPD suddenly stops tracking the program or stops making official data available it just goes underground and continues on as before.

A "stop and frisk" is a systematized "Terry Stop" and the Supreme Court is NOT going to overturn Terry V. Ohio. The real problem is that the NYPD will take anyone with a pulse and you cannot properly train a hick with a room temperature IQ to selectively use the "Terry Stop" effectively. You will only get what we have now i.e. a massive and ongoing program of harassment that primarily targets minority youth.

Bloomberg thinks he has the 7th biggest army in the world (what a fascist pig) and that is EXACTLY the problem. A city at war with its residents is an embarrassment and it shows how little leadership and imagination there is at City Hall. Just throw $ and "boots on the ground" at the problem, it's the American Way.

Aug. 13 2013 09:59 AM
Sheldon from Brooklyn

John, cut and paste that link and tell me if that belongs in any civilized country? And don't tell me it's a one off because I've seen similar S&F's with my own eyes.

I've lived in this city for decades. I despise violent crime, criminals, and the politicians that are too timid to call them out. But the rule of law applies to everyone, including cops.

I appreciate the hard work that Guiliani, Bloomberg even a little of Dinkins (ONLY for his finally adding 30k cops and hiring Kelly, the first time around - not for his overall timidness) and all the cops who have worked their butts off to make this city safe.

If you think NYC'S low crime rates are all down to mass stop and frisks it's a shame that, you do not give the NYPD credit for all the good policing they have done, outside of it.

Aug. 13 2013 09:57 AM
john from office

Sheldon, Liberal Jews will bring down Israel eventually and NYC, again. I did not say Jewish, because WNYC will remove the comment. Liberal white Jews bow down to the community. Just read you comment to Fuva from Yesterday.

I understand the 4th amendment, I bleed to defend it as a marine, a cop and became a lawyer. I also under stand crime and how to deal with it.

You enjoy looking down you nose at me, as you hide behind those same cops who protect you from "them". Shelly.

Aug. 13 2013 09:38 AM
jgarbuz from Queens

Those who did not live in New York City before 1992 are clueless. Have not a single clue how scary New York once was for millions. Now, I do agree that "stop and frisk" has to be done in a more judicious way, but doing away with it will endanger the relative peace this city finally managed to achieve over the last two administrations and decades.

Aug. 13 2013 09:35 AM
Sheldon from Brooklyn

Bummer John, that darn thing called the 4th amendment, it applies to innocent young black and hispanic men too.

That "white liberal, red diaper baby," (you conveniently left out Jewish BTW) Judge understands this.

The Judge did not ban stop & frisk, she said - rightfully, that it is being abused.

If it makes you feel better, even if stop & frisk is used correctly, the majority of people stopped in NYC, will either be black or hispanic (oh yeah), because the perpetrators of violent street/gun crime tend to match that description. Most rational blacks and hispanics understand this. I wished your mayor did so as well.

Below is a link of a kid who secretly recorded his stop & frisk, so you can "feel safe"

Aug. 13 2013 09:30 AM
john from office

As a real New Yorker, who lived here during the 60's, 70's and 80's, do not want a return to the old days of white liberal excuses for crime and decline.

This white liberal, red diaper baby, Judge, who lives in a white enclave and never was robbed at gun point or knife point, just elected Joe Lohta as Mayor.

The Democrats will now fall all over themselves to show how much they are for the "Community", a community that heavily favors law and order because it effects them, in a life and death way.

Liu is already calling for weakening the police, DeBlasio will parade his Mestizo kid on his shoulders. Sorry, news flash, New Yorkers voted for Ruddy and Bloomberg in droves, because they fear the return of "old" New York. JOE LOHTA FOR MAYOR

Aug. 13 2013 07:19 AM

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