Steve Earle’s Washington Square Serenade

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Steve Earle at the Aspen Ideas Festival in 2008
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Country rocker Steve Earle tells Kurt about how his move from Nashville to New York City inspired his album Washington Square Serenade. “I’ve obviously missed the ‘live fast and leave a good-looking corpse’ thing," says Earle, "So as I get older ... I’d rather be one of those old commies in a wheelchair that run over [your] foot on Bleecker street.”

(Originally aired: July 18, 2008)



Bonus Track: "Days Aren't Long Enough" live at the Aspen Ideas Festival

Allison Moorer and Steve Earle perform their duet from Washington Square Serenade.

Music Playlist

  1. Tennessee Blues

    Artist: Steve Earle
    Album: Live at the Aspen Ideas Festival with Studio 360