Covering Crimes in Syria; a Slave Plantation on Long Island; Peter Gethers' Novel, Ask Bob; Traveling for Cheaper Health Care

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Journalist Janine di Giovani talks about how rape is being used as a weapon of war by both sides in the Syrian conflict. We’ll look at Long Island’s Sylvester Manor, which was founded as a northern slave plantation more than 300 years ago. Peter Gethers talks about his novel, Ask Bob, about a veterinarian who should follow the advice he shares in his weekly newspaper column. And New York Times reporter Elisabeth Rosenthal discusses the latest installment in her year-long series about the cost of health care in the US.

Covering the Conflict and Unspoken Crimes in Syria

Janine di Giovanni discusses covering the conflict in Syria and talks about reports that rape has become an epidemic in Syria and in refugee camps as both sides seek to de-stabilize, frighten, and ruin the other. But unearthing the stories is difficult, and often impossible, because women in Syria face dire political, personal, and familiar consequences if they admit to being victims. Her article “Syria’s Unspoken Crimes” appears in the August issue of Vanity Fair. She’s also the author of Ghosts by Daylight: Love, War, and Redemption.

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Three Centuries at a Slave Plantation on Long Island

Mac Griswold talks about Long Island’s Sylvester Manor and the family that has lived there since its founding as a slave plantation centuries ago. Alongside a team of archaeologists, Griswold began a dig that would uncover a landscape bursting with stories. The Manor: Three Centuries at a Slave Plantation describes how the house proved to be a hidden vault full of revelations and treasures, including the 1666 charter for the land, and correspondence from Thomas Jefferson.

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Ask Bob, a Novel

Peter Gethers discusses his new novel, Ask Bob, a love story about a pet doctor who discovers that the best relationships are often the most surprising. Dr. Robert Heller is one of New York City’s leading veterinarians, and his “Ask Dr. Bob” advice column is hugely popular among pet-lovers. Yet Dr. Bob understands animals a lot better than people, and he definitely could use some advice of his own.

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Seeking Medical Care Overseas, at Lower Cost

Elisabeth Rosenthal talks about the high cost of hip and knee replacement surgery in the U.S., and the growing popularity of having surgery overseas. Her New York Times series, Paying Till It Hurts, is about the cost of medical care in the US. Her most recent articles are "In Need of a New Hip, but Priced Out of the U.S." and "The Growing Popularity of Having Surgery Overseas." She's joined by Michael Shopenn, who was the subject of her article.

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