NJ Senate Democratic Candidates: Rush Holt

Monday, August 12, 2013

Tomorrow is the Democratic primary in the special election to fill New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg's empty seat. We do one last round of interviews with the major candidates. Rush HoltRepresentative for NJ's12th Congressional District, discusses his candidacy.


Rush Holt

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Margaret E. MacFarlane from Freehold Township, NJ

I am very closely following this vote and having a difficult time between Booker, Holt and Pallone.

Two of my sons are scientists; and am having a difficulty with whom to give my vote. I like Booker *I voted for Obama 2x), and also like Holt, who has an scientific smind like my sons, who are working to save Humanity, and also like Frank Pallone, who has for so many years,helped our Fort Monmouth folks.
My SIL not works at the APG in Aberdeen, Md., because Ft. Monmouth was shut down.

Difficult for me to be be travelling to 3 diiferent locations, as a result. IE;, PA., Michigan, and Toronto, Canada.

Still do not know whom I will vote for,,,

Aug. 13 2013 12:22 AM
Mr. Bad from NYC

@ John Jackson from Central New Jersey

"class in the field"? We are talking about politicians, aren't we?

So what if he didn't vote to "reauthorize" the Patriot Act?

He voted FOR it the only time it mattered i.e. when it was introduced. It won't ever be repealed or deauthorized now and if you think it will you're a bigger fool than Holt is for thinking he'll beat Booker.

The vote to repeal NSA funding was simply stage managed damage control (PR), these close votes always are, they're agreed upon beforehand so that nobody gets burned in their home district and everybody looks strong on something (National Defense v. Civil Rights) for their base.

Don't be such an ingenue. Pretty soon Obama will announce toothless, secret "reforms", Congress will appoint some equally unimpressive oversight commissioners and we'll be back where we started with a "victory" for all sides. You don't see that coming? Were you born yesterday?

Aug. 12 2013 01:40 PM
John Jackson from Central New Jersey

As usual Mr. Bad you prove yourself unable to see the class in the field.

Mr. Holt voted AGAINST re-authorization of the PATRIOT Act. He is the most progressive candidate on the environment, civil rights, women's issues and immigration. He ain't perfect (unlike you) but he does learn from his mistakes.

Do you live in NJ?

Aug. 12 2013 11:49 AM
Mr. Bad from NYC

This guy talks a good game but like all politicians these days it's just hot air.

There were plenty of question about the Patriot Act when it was introduced but he voted for it like every other Rep in the House because he didn't have the heart or the guts to oppose it. Now that it's in the news he's "sponsoring" legislation that would repeal it... how impressive. That's about the same level of moral commitment a fox has to a hen's well being. Who would make the eggs or vote the votes? P*ss off. You helped build this NSA powered war/spy machine with $ and law you can't run from it now, it wasn't a "mistake" and you WERE tested and failed.

Any moron on the street can have a knee jerk "save me jeebus" reaction to a terror attack, a rep is supposed to be more thoughtful and careful. This guy is a fraud. Good luck rolling back the new addition to the military industrial complex. Too late for a symbolic stand doofus, way, way too late.

Aug. 12 2013 11:27 AM
Lonnie from Brooklyn!!!

Brian...Stop calling the NSA/FISA trouble in such a way that it seems to be'The Obama Legislation'.

NSA & FISA was started under Bush, with BOTH GOP and DEM support. And now everyone is calling it like Obama was the SOLE architect of the policy. Like everyone wasn't even CONCERNED about what the NSA WAS ALREADY DOING when they were busy making $$$ flipping houses during the Boom years!

Aug. 12 2013 11:24 AM

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