A New York 'Middleman' in the Baseball Doping Scandal

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The baseball doping scandal dominating sports headlines this week has put an employee of a prominent New York sports agency, ACES, in the spotlight. In an article in The New York Times Wednesday, Steve Eder delves into the role a so-called middleman, Juan Carlos Nunez, may have played in the unfolding scandal.

Nunez, a former Washington Heights travel agent, became a bridge between the anti-aging clinic Biogenesis and a wide circle of professional baseball players. Doctors at Biogenesis, which is based in Coral Gables, Florida, allegedly prescribed banned substances to at least 12 players.

"Juan Carlos Nunez's role at ACES was to help the agents with their Latin American clients," Eder said. "If they needed something, Juan Carlos Nunez was the guy that they'd call."

To listen to host Marc Garber's full conversation with Steve Eder, click on the audio above.