Mothers Who Chose to "Opt-Out" Want Back In The Workforce

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About a decade ago, a movement of highly educated, well-paid professional women left their positions of power and esteem for the choice to stay home and raise their children. At the time, journalist Lisa Belkin coined it the “opt-out revolution.”

But a lot has happened since then—the recession hit, once stabile careers became suddenly quite smaller and less secure, and ideas about motherhood shifted.

In a recent article for our partner The New York Times, Lisa Belkin and author Judith Warner decided to return to the women who had previously been chronicled for their triumphant escape from the rat race in order to see where they were now and whether their decision was the right one. They join The Takeaway to provide an update on the "opt-out revolution."

Belkin is currently the senior columnist on life, work and family for the Huffington Post, and Warner is a New York Times contributing writer who authored “The Opt-Out Generation Wants Back In.”