Remix The Mayor: Listener Challenge

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The challenge is now closed! Tune in to Soundcheck on Thursday, October 10th, when we'll announce the winners. In the meantime, listen to the submissions below:

The race for the New York City’s next mayor is heating up -- and we have the voices of mayors past ready for your remix. With help from the WNYC Archives, we’ve collected some particularly musical, memorable and very entertaining quotes from some of the city's most well-known politicians. 

From Mayor La Guardia saying "little bootie" to Mayor Bloomberg's briefings in Spanish, we've given you plenty of options to work with. Use as many sounds as you like (but at least one), manipulate them however you wish, and add any of your own musical elements.

With the help of guest judges Evan Gregory of the Gregory Brothers (Auto-Tune The News) and comedian and writer Julie Klausner, we'll declare a winner. 


And, listen to the original audio samples here:



Audio courtesy of WNYC Archives and the NYC Municipal Archives.