#3498: Gated Music

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Hear music made using noise gates on this New Sounds program.  How does it work?  Basically, when open, a gate allows you to hear the sound behind it, but when closed, you don’t.  (Here’s a handy tutorial about gates.) Listen to music from A. Leroy (Dick Connette) as he takes a recording of a Mardi Gras Indian song and through the use of gating, turns it into a rhythm track.  Also, hear Joshua Fried’s musical shoes, as played with drumsticks in the service of Linda Fisher’s piece, “Big Mouth,” featuring cartoon music and sound effects, from a live performance recorded back in 1990.

Then, hear the tape effects and unusual sounds from Daniel Figgis, and his piece, “Bolted” from the album “Skipper,” where the sound of a book slamming shut allows a wisp of sound to escape that is like nothing else.  Plus, music that celebrates Takoma Records and the American Primitive style from the Israeli guitarist Yair Yona, and more.

PROGRAM #3498 Gated Music (First aired on 8/7/2013)             





A. Leroy

Private tape

Handa Wanda, excerpt [2:22]

Not commercially available.

Joshua Fried, with Linda Fisher

Live at WNYC, 5/1990

Linda Fisher: Big Mouth [9:00]

Not commercially available.

A. Leroy

Private tape

Handa Wanda [9:30]

Not commercially available.

Daniel Figgis


Bolted [4:23]

Black Burst #005, out of print. But download from Emusic.com

Yair Yona


Floodgate Opens To Allow A Ship To Come Through (As It Carries The Passenger Fahey On It) [5:52]


Bruce Brubaker, piano

Inner Cities: Music for Piano by John Adams and Alvin Curran

John Adams: Phrygian Gates, excerpt [1:00]
John Adams: China Gates

Arabesque 6776

Timothy Andres, piano

Private recording

Jacob Cooper: Clifton Gates [8:57]

Not commercially available, but there is video: http://vimeo.com/31050119