Latest News: Ray Kelly Defends Fatal Police Shooting


Good morning.  Here are the latest headlines from the WNYC newsroom.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly says the rookie officer who fatally shot an armed teenager had no choice but to shoot 14-year-old Shaaliver Douse who didn't drop his weapon as instructed.

Today is the first workday with no R train service between Manhattan and Brooklyn.  The MTA is repairing damage in the Montague Street Tunnel caused by Sandy. We have a survival guide for commuters.

The city's teachers union and the Bloomberg administration are trading barbs over the results of this year's harder new state exams.  The scores won't be released until Wednesday, but they're widely expected to be much lower than in previous years because they're the first exams to be tied to more challenging learning standards called the Common Core.

It's going to be Mostly Suuny today with a high near 78.

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Two months after the launch of New York City's bike sharing program, the people who run bike rental companies in New York City agree: Citi Bike is changing their businesses. But they can’t agree if it’s helping or hurting.



Tough Road Ahead for Immigration Reform in the House

Only a few months ago some politicians predicted that this summer an immigration reform bill would be on President Obama’s desk ready for signing. But as Congress goes on recess, the House of Representatives hasn’t yet put together a bill. That, however, doesn't mean both Republicans and Democrats aren’t plotting a way forward in this high-stakes game.