On the Media’s Bob Garfield on Edward Snowden, WikiLeaks and the NSA

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It was a big week of news on the national security front. While NSA contractor turned leaker Edward Snowden was securing asylum in Russia, the Guardian newspaper, which first published his revelations, uncovered more about the agency's controversial surveillance programs. 


Meanwhile, lawmakers in D.C. also took up the issue, holding congressional hearings where Minnesota Democrat Al Franken vowed to introduce legislation that would force the Obama Administration to disclose more about the program.

On the Media Co-Host Bob Garfield says all these revelations have many Americans worried about the government's surveillance apparatus. A new Pew Research study finds that 56 percent of the public believes the courts aren't doing enough to put limits on the information collected. That's true for the first time since the September 11th attacks.

"A majority of Americans now believe that the courts are not providing sufficient protection against domestic spying. That they don't believe the administration is looking only at metadata, but are actually looking over our shoulders at our personal content and believe that the government has overreached," Garfield said.

To hear a full interview with OTM's Bob Garfield, click audio above.