New Blues

Bobby McFerrin

Hear new blues on tonight's New Sounds, including music from the likes of Bobby McFerrin and the recent record "Spirityouall."  McFerrin takes two lines from Psalm 25, "'You know my eyes are ever on the Lord, for only He will release my feet from the snare," and turns them into a deeply bluesy spiritual.  Also, listen to arrangements of Skip James and Charlie Patton blues by Chris Thomas King and the Soldier String Quartet.

Plus, Ali Farka Toure’s collaboration with Ry Cooder, along with Cooder’s own “Paris,Texas” score, and more.

PROGRAM #3495 – New Blues (First aired on 8/1/2013)             





Danny Glover & Taj Mahal

Brer Rabbit and the Wonderful Tar Baby

Lullabye In A Major Tonight [5:34]

Windham Hill #0716 Out of print, but try

Bobby McFerrin


25:15 [3:58]

Sony Masterworks #88765456862

Ali Farka Toure with Ry Cooder      

Talking Timbuktu  

Amandrai [9:22]

World Circuit Records; HNCD 1381  / WCD040

Chris Thomas King

Dirty South Hip-hop Blues

Revelations [5:12]

21st Century Blues #2106
or Available at iTunes.

Ry Cooder

Paris Texas Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Dark Was the Night, Excerpt. [2:53]
Paris, Texas, Excerpt. [2:50]
She’s Leaving the Bank [5:54]

Warner #25270
Available at

Soldier String Quartet

Sequence Girls

Moon Goin’ Down, Excerpt [1:36]

Chris Thomas King

Dirty South Hip-Hop Blues

“Hard Time Killing Floor Blues [2:42]

21st Century Blues #2106
or Available at iTunes.

Tin Hat Trio

The Rodeo Eroded

Bill [5:03]

Ropeadope #93134