Gender Trenders: Changing Courses In College

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

On college campuses in America, switching majors has been standard practice for a long time. Switching genders, not so much. But that's, um, changing.

At Salem College in North Carolina, for example, a female student planning to become a male student hoped to continue living on campus after the operation. In a letter to alums, Charles A. Blixt, chairman of the Salem College Board of Trustees, said that the board will decide if the women's school needs new policies regarding transgender issues. He emphasized that the college will not consider becoming coeducational.

Though some women's colleges have openly supported transgender students who have male or masculine identities, says transgender professor and trans advocate Dean Spade of the Seattle University School of Law, "many of these same schools still have policies that prevent the enrollment of trans women students. Alumni, faculty, students and trans advocates are working with these schools to ensure that they establish clear policies for making sure that they admit trans students and provide them with the school's health care, housing, and education programs."

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Nor does removing /woman/-parts and adding /male/ hormones make a /man/. (That this converse of what I wrote in my previous post is also true should go without saying.)

There have always been individuals who found themselves in conflict with or even in outright denial of any number of /immutable/ realities. Such individuals are obviously troubled and can only be pitied and shown compassion.

But the rational, compassionate and beneficent response to such individuals is to do what one can to try to bring the /individual/ to terms with /reality/. Not to try to alter /reality/ to fit the /delusions/ of an individual. And certainly not to alter such a person's body in profound, completely irreversible ways through the performance of extraordinary, highly invasive and risky procedures. Such extravagant indulgence of such troubled individuals is, far from a /service/ to them, an opportunistic /exploitation/ of them.

Jul. 31 2013 04:46 PM

Removing man-bits and adding female hormones does not a woman make.

No amount of politically correct posturing can change the hideous reality: "transgender" is a grotesque mutilation and charade. A glorified fiction but one that is, tragically, far from harmless. How did such quackery ever become considered legitimate medical practice?


Jul. 31 2013 03:30 PM

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