Are We Overdiagnosing Cancer?

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

doctor visit (Alex Proimos/flickr)

Dr. Barnett Kramer, director of the National Cancer Institute Division of Cancer Prevention, discusses a new recommendation that the medical establishment refine how cancer is classified in order to curb its overdiagnosis and overtreatment.

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ron from Miami

Aw gee there is just so much money in cancer can't we give these quacks a break. They do have to make money ya know. The criminal medical cartel is an organized crime family that has managed to gain respect merely by outlawing any methods of treating disease other than drugs. The FDA, thew AMA, and the drug cartels are a mighty force to recon with and if they had their way we would all be on drugs all the time.As it is now they want to give statins to children and vacinate against sexual disease even though it causes other problems. So why not over prescribe and over medicate. All drugs are toxic to the liver and the liver is responsible for removing toxins. Does that make sense?

Jul. 30 2013 11:09 PM
Cathy from Hoboken, NJ

My father was just diagnosed with a carcinoid in his lung. One doctor at Sloan, a surgeon, insisted on surgery to remove the lobe in his lung that contains the carcinoid. Another doctor at Sloan says it is very non aggressive and recommends watchful waiting.

Jul. 30 2013 11:57 AM

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