Cuomo Compares Weiner Saga to Tragicomedy

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Governor Andrew Cuomo commented for the first time since this past week's revelations about Anthony Weiner's sexting activities after his resignation from Congress in 2011.

Cuomo won't take a position on whether Anthony Weiner should drop out of the mayor's race, as many of the governor's fellow Democrats have demanded. Cuomo tried to downplay the recent news, calling it "summer political theatre in New York."

"We laugh because if we didn't laugh, we would cry," he said.

But while Cuomo said he won't judge whether or not someone should run for political office, saying it's an "open Democracy," he did say that "who wins" is very different.

"And that's where the electorate comes in, and the responsibility of the electorate comes in," he said. "That is a much different equation than who runs."

Cuomo, perhaps foreshadowing an ultimate demise for Weiner, also said "we are only in the opening act of this play, and we have a long way to go."