Monday Morning Politics: Obama vs. Inequality

Monday, July 29, 2013

President Obama and his economic advisers are talking openly about trying to fix persistent income inequality in the United States. But how? Bloomberg News Congress reporter Kate Hunter and The Guardian's Heidi Moore discuss the latest push, including the options on the table for the next Fed leader.

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emjayay from Brooklyn

The idea that "this government wants economic distress so they can go after the private economy" is patently absurd. It makes no sense in the real world. What does make sense is that the wealthy and corporations like being even wealthier and have the money to influence politics to this end. And keeping the unemployment rates up gives a huge advantage to businesses in terms of being able to get workers at minimum wage.

Actually you can often tell the wingnuts by the way they feel the need to capitalize something in every sentence.

Until now any time anyone mentioned increasing economic inequality the right wing has screamed "Class Warfare! Marxism! (Soviet style) Socialism!" which is essentially the same claim Joyce is making. I think part of why Obama feels he can bring it up now is because Romney and Ryan exposed their agenda with the "makers and takers" and the 47 per cent of Americans being leeches stuff. The brilliant bartender cell phone video helped expose the reality of all this of course.

I hope Obama with these generalities is setting the stage for some specifics. If the minimum wage, corrected for inflation, were to be equal to what it was in 1968 it would be $11 an hour. Menwhile overall productivity has doubled. That's somewhere to start.

Jul. 29 2013 12:22 PM
Joyce from NYC

I agree with Carolita:


This is exactly with the Obama administration is doing.

Jul. 29 2013 10:36 AM
carolita from nyc

I'll tell you how income inequality affects education. The problem is that parents are not participating in their children's education anymore. They just delegate the education to the public school system. And can you blame them? With two parents working to support their family, who has time to do the homework with the kids? Every kid I've ever known that did well in school had their parents there every day after dinner to help with the homework. The parents actually bothered to learn the subjects (math, etc.) so they could do the homework with them. Every day, all the way through the homework till it was done. How many parents do you know who do that? My own parents couldn't be bothered, so I know of what I speak. I did well in school because school was easy (you want to talk about dumbed down?), but I learned hardly anything. Kids these days find the kind of shallow and limited education that I found boring and easy difficult! (I might add that my IQ is not high, it's normal; I wasn't a gifted kid.) But these kids can barely learn to pass a test. It's not the DOE's fault. It's what's going on at home. Give parents decently paid jobs so they can have the time and morale to help their kids with their homework, and maybe they'll have the energy or time to help their kids do well in school. A school is not a parent. It's not enough to send a kid to a school and expect them to be educated passively.

But maybe it's in the interest of the powers that be to create an under-educated mass of low income workers who can or can't vote easily depending on which districts they've been jerrymandered into.

Jul. 29 2013 10:29 AM
Christine from Westchester

The repubs offered a tax deal that included closing those loop holes for the top income earners. The Dems declined. And now we're going to bellyache about income inequality? Obama has done more to divide the people of this country than any president I can remember. It's a shame to see.

Jul. 29 2013 10:21 AM
Amy from Manhattan

We haven't *had* "Obamanomics." Republicans in Congress have blocked almost everything Pres. Obama has tried to do on the economy. So we don't know if his economic policies would have worked.

Jul. 29 2013 10:20 AM
Joyce from NYC

Are we going to keep this up? Now we get the infrastructure thing again.

I am all for it -- BUT -- we just did it -- the $800 BILLION STIMULUS was enough to build TWO INTERSTATE HIGHWAY SYSTEMS.

WHERE ARE THEY???????????????

Jul. 29 2013 10:17 AM
Joyce from NYC

This is disgusting.

The problem is not income inequality, the problem is that the economey and government services, such as PUBLIC SCHOOLS have totally failed.

To take our attention off of GOVERNMENT FAILURE, we again bring up income inequality.

If those with a lower income had a good life, we would not be focused on this.

This government WANTS ECONOMIC DISTRESS so they can go after the private economy.

Jul. 29 2013 10:15 AM

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