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Monday, July 29, 2013

Over the weekend, mayoral candidate Bill Thompson gave a fiery speech about "Stop and Frisk" policy, comparing it to George Zimmerman's actions in the shooting of Trayvon Martin. Anthony Weiner spoke with the Staten Island Advance about his sexting scandal, and Christine Quinn appeared on Meet the Press. We check in on the local races with Ruby Cramerbuzzfeed reporter covering Weiner, Spitzer and other local candidates, and Azi Paybarah, political reporter from Capital New York.

Azi Paybarah, political reporter for Capital New York ,

Thompson on Stop and Frisk in July


Thompson and Liu on Stop and Frisk in March

Christine Quinn on Meet the Press


Ruby Cramer and Azi Paybarah

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Hi Lucy from Brooklyn.

Regarding my coverage of John Liu (who I've been covering since I started as a reporter in 2003), I'd say this: the reception people get in a room is one thing, the reception they get when pollsters go into the field is another. (I wrote about Quinn getting booed for praising Ray Kelly at the National Action Network debate in Harlem. Polls show Kelly is the most popular NYPD commissioner in NYC history, across every demographic.)

Now, 2009 was instructive to many reporters about the shortcomings of polls (Thompson exceeded expectations despite what polls showed heading into election day). But every poll so far has been consistent: Liu is in the single digits.

Also, substantively, Liu has made a some statements that close observers of the race find problematic:

1) abolishing stop and frisk is one of them. He had an interesting back and forth with the Daily News editorial that showed his stance is far more nuanced than some would believe.

2) he is the most outspoken critic of the nypd but would support the current nypd commissioner to be the next homeland security secretary.

3) he told me and at least two other reporters that he started thinking about running for mayor on his first day in office as comptroller. (he even credited himself with being unusually honest with that disclosure).

4) he strongly criticized quinn for the member item / slush fund scandal, but said he was not aware of the fund-raising practices of his campaign treasurer, who, along with a donor, were found guilty of breaking fund-raising rules.

That's just a brief example.

Now, we could explore each of those examples much further, and I think I've done that in my reporting on this race.

Also, the Liu supporters I've spoken to, including some at a fund-raiser near Brooklyn Borough Hall shortly after the conviction of that treasurer and contributor referenced in #4, told me that some are moved to support Liu because of his positions. Others are supporting him because he is the most anti-Bloomberg. Some may opt to support another, more viable candidate closer to the election.

But I have long said Liu is an energetic, tireless campaigner, strong debater and clearly he has gone further that other people would have, given his obstacles.

Nobody questions his legitimacy to be in the race (which some did immediately following his fund-raising scandal).
I don't discount Liu as a candidate, but I also am waiting to see him show progress.

Jul. 29 2013 03:44 PM
thatgirl from manhattan

Ira - When you're free to rant the same silly, pointless rubbish, time and again, it does!

Jul. 29 2013 12:02 PM
Ira from Park Slope

@thatgirl Freedom of speech does get old, indeed.

Jul. 29 2013 11:40 AM
MikeInBrklyn from Clinton Hill

Still can't find any love for Chrissy Quinn's candidacy. The women just rubs me as a brash, cold, egotistical pol. And while the Weiner revelation is disturbing, from an ideas perspective, I find his most refreshing. What is a guy to do?

Jul. 29 2013 11:27 AM
Sheldon from Brooklyn

John, I had no idea you were black - oh the horror!!!

Jul. 29 2013 11:25 AM
john from office

Thompson's pandeering to the black community is shameful. Black politicians insult african americans with the simplistic appeals for support. Next he will do a rap song about Tryvon. He lost my vote, I say Bloomberg as a writing candidate.

Jul. 29 2013 11:15 AM
thatgirl from manhattan

Gary from the Upper Left Side - It's getting old.

Jul. 29 2013 11:15 AM
lucy from brooklyn

And there it is! The black out. Azi did not mention Liu in his run down of the candidates as if he wasn't even in the race even though he hits about 14 stops a day. Azi has diminished Liu's run and achievements in his coverage of the race.

Jul. 29 2013 11:13 AM
Gary from Upper Left Side

Here's a ditty I wrote inspired by the Oscar Mayer hotdog jingle. Keep that melody in your mind as you sing the lyrics below:

I wish I were an Anthony Weiner
That's what I would truly love to be
Because if I were an Anthony Weiner
I could be the mayor of New York City

Oh, I wish I were an Anthony Weiner
That's what I would truly love to do
Because when I'm Mayor Weiner
I could tax the hell out of you

Oh boy! I wish I were an Anthony Weiner
That's what I would truly love to be
Because if taxes increases aren't enough
When I am Mayor Weiner, I'll tweet more naked photos of me!

Jul. 29 2013 11:13 AM
thatgirl from manhattan

Quinn has proven herself a master at pointing fingers outward, dodging the important questions. What a strategy!

Jul. 29 2013 11:10 AM
Mike from Jersey City from New Jersey


Jul. 29 2013 11:10 AM
lucy from brooklyn

Would you please talk about the media black out against John Liu. He is the hardest working most popular candidate of all yet all news media have clearly been told to not talk about him. Just see him on the campaign trail where he gets a hugely popular response. He has more unions, more political clubs and more churches behind him than any other candidate. He gets the biggest cheers at every public forum. After the trumped up charges brought up against his campaign and staff, (which were clearly initiated by some very powerful politician with a grudge against Liu) the media has failed 100% in reporting on his popularity. The polls clearly don't reflect his popularity and they do not poll the diverse Asian community throughout the City which will account for about 10-12% of the vote.

Jul. 29 2013 11:06 AM

For anyone under the delusion that Weiner is worth voting for, read this piece to see that he was actually a terrible Congressman.

Jul. 29 2013 10:52 AM
thatgirl from manhattan

Everyone needs to read Alec Baldwin's latest piece on the mayoral race from HuffPo. It crystallizes the rationale as to why "Chris" Quinn would be "business as usual" as our next mayor, and by what criteria we should be considering a candidate. Brilliant writing!

Carolita - Yes--deBlasio's running.

Jul. 29 2013 10:24 AM
carolita from nyc

I don't even know who all the candidates are! I'm no idiot, but based on what I hear on the news, you'd think the only people running were Quinn, Wiener, and the Gristedes guy. Is DeBlasio still running? I was planning to vote for him, just because everyone else is so pathetic (what with criminal accusations, lack of credibility, trying to be Bloomberg without actually having his good points).

Jul. 29 2013 10:15 AM

It's beyond outrageous that Weiner remains in this race. Any person who contemplates voting for him is insane and is a disgrace to NY. Weiner is an incurable degenerate and needs to withdraw ASAP.

Jul. 29 2013 10:05 AM

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