#3327: Live from Ecstatic Music 2012: Dan Deacon, Part 1

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For this New Sounds program, we’ll listen to some more highlights from the New Sounds Live concert series at Merkin Hall, collaborating with the 2012 Ecstatic Music Festival.  Hear Dan Deacon’s large-scale work for the NOW Ensemble, the Calder String Quartet, and live processing, “An Opal Toad with Obsidian Eyes.”

Deacon is probably best known as an electronic rocker, but he’s also a trained composer, and this brand-new work, definitely gives a nod to earlier composers like Steve Reich, Terry Riley, and Brian Eno and their use of tape loop technology.

PROGRAM #3327, Ecstatic Music Festival 2012 – Dan Deacon, Part 1  (First aired on 4/18/2012)                                                       





Terry Riley

Poppy No Good & the Phantom Band

All Night Flight 1

Elision fields
Recorded at SUNY Buffalo, New York 22 March 1968

Robert Fripp & Brian Eno

Evening Star

Wind on Water [5:28]

Opal / DGM 0516
www.dgmlive.com OR www.enoshop.co.uk

Dan Deacon, NOW Ensemble, Calder Quartet

Live, @ Merkin Hall 3/20/2012

An Opal Toad With Obsidian Eyes, Part 1- Mirkwood Drone [12:12]

This performance not commercially available.

Terry Riley

A Rainbow In Curved Air

A Rainbow in Curved Air [18:41]

CBS/Sony 7315
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