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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Google is changing the world, but has the tech giant become too big, and should it be regulated as a public utility? Jeff Jarvis and Siva Vaidhyanathan discuss. Then, Wired editor Chris Anderson on his new book FREE: The Future of a Radical Price and why the most valuable information doesn't have to be the priciest. Plus, the crisis of "food insecurity" in America. Check out the BL-Show Cup-of-Joe map, highlighting listener's favorite coffee shops!


Chris Anderson, Jeff Jarvis and Siva Vaidhyanathan

Identify That Lobbyist

NPR Congressional Correspondent Andrea Seabrook explains NPR's new crowdsourcing project -- indentifying the lobbyists attending healthcare reform hearings.

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Prostate Test

David Leonhardt, writer of the "Economic Scene" column for the New York Times talks about how prostate cancer treatment will show the effectiveness of health care reform.

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Albany and the Big Apple

City Council member and finance committee chair David Weprin, who is also running for New York City comptroller, discusses the impact that the Albany standoff is having on the city’s finances.

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Free This Book

Chris Anderson, author of FREE: The Future of a Radical Price, talks about how the value of information and services is not always best tied to price.

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Regulate Google?

Jeff Jarvis, writer of the blog, professor at the Graduate School of Journalism at the City University of New York and author of What Would Google Do?, and Siva Vaidhyanathan, associate professor of media studies and law at the University of Virginia and ...

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Going Hungry

Sasha Abramsky, journalist, senior fellow at Demos and author of Breadline USA: The Hidden Scandal of American Hunger and How to Fix It, says one in five Americans experiences "food insecurity." He talks about hunger in America--and how to fix it.

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Got Art?

Doug Israel, director of research and policy at The Center for Arts Education, talks about the availability of arts education in New York City public schools.

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