Playlist: Missed It Then, Love It Now

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The Replacements' 'Let It Be.'

Even the savviest music geek will miss a few records here and there. Last week, Soundcheck shared music from 1993 that we missed out on, but this week we widened that out to any song or album from any time.  All week, Soundcheck shared and celebrated some of our better-late-than-never favorites, and asked listeners to pick some songs, albums, bands that they may not have known about back in the day, but love now. Plus, we asked why they missed them in the first place.

Soundcheck host John Schaefer and executive producer Joel Meyer kicked us off, and we also heard from bands like Tegan and Sara and Franz Ferdinand and more.

Today, we're spinning those songs and hearing stories from listeners about what songs and records they missed. We also put together a handy Spotify playlist as well.