The Dirty, Buzzfeed, and the Changing Media Landscape

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Two days ago, chances are nobody had ever heard of The Dirty. But now the website is in all major headlines as the place where the latest X-rated pictures involving Anthony Weiner surfaced. Another website, Buzzfeed, also published a piece on the woman who allegedly received the pictures from Weiner. The fact that two online publications are at the center of this story is raising questions about credibility and the evolution of media.

"It continues the process of speeding things up and it brings very much to the fore the idea that transparency is incredibly important," said Brooke Gladstone, co-host and managing editor of On the Media. "Buzzfeed did not report these things as fact. Neither did The New York Times, but they did put it out there."

To listen to Host Amy Eddings' full conversation with Brooke Gladstone, click on the audio above.