Jherek Bischoff: Foot-Tapping Orchestral Pop

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Jherek Bischoff performs in the Soundcheck studio.

Seattle-based songwriter, performer, and composer Jherek Bischoff has made a career out of collaboration, working with sonically diverse bands like Xiu Xiu, Amanda Palmer, and the Wordless Music Orchestra. He seemed to have soaked up those experiences and put them to good use: Last year, he released his solo debut, Composed, which blends the pop, rock, classical elements of his collaborators to create a laid-back yet complex sound. And he doesn't skimp on his own collaborations — eight out of nine songs feature a musical guest, including "Eyes," which features the Talking Heads' David Byrne. In the Soundcheck studio, Bischoff is joined by New-York-based classical ensemble Contemporaneous.





Set List:

  • "Eyes"
  • "Reminder"
  • "DAE 2"

Jherek Bischoff performs at Le Poisson Rouge on Wed., July 31.