Spotted: New G Train Signage

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Remember when the MTA said it would try to make the stubby G train less annoying? While the frequency of trains won't increase until 2014, the signs helping riders figure out where to stand on platforms are going into stations now.

Because the G is only four cars long, and it shares the tracks with other, more full-bodied trains, passengers unfamiliar with its ways often resort to the 'G train sprint' -- a desperate hurdle down the platform necessitated after misjudging where along the platform the smaller train will actually stop.

After a line review, New York's MTA said it will standardize where the G pulls into stations -- and position benches and signage accordingly.

The signs pictured here are prototypes -- and not in the correct location -- but they offer a preview of what's coming.

Seen at the Bedford-Nostrand station/Melinda Woehrle