State Demands Closure Plan from Interfaith Hospital

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State health authorities are asking Interfaith Hospital to submit a closure plan on Thursday. Interfaith has been has been in bankruptcy court since December.

The looming closure of the hospital in the Bed-Stuy area of Brooklyn comes as Long Island College Hospital, three miles away, is also close to shutting its doors forever.

Interfaith submitted a restructuring plan to the state Department of Health earlier this month. DOH rejected it, saying the proposed changes would not help Interfaith serve patients while balancing its books.

The hospital offered to make more changes, but regulators were unmoved and continue to demand a closure plan.

Long Island College Hospital, meanwhile, is also on life support, with fewer than a dozen patients, as its parent hospital, SUNY Downstate, seeks to shut it down, to rescue the whole money-losing system.

Supporters of LICH have been trying to keep it open, but their options are dwindling.

A state panel in 2011 recommended a series of mergers among the struggling medical centers, to trim costs and pool together patients. The hospitals negotiated with each other, but all have refused to merge, and debts have continued to grow.