Candidate Bill Thompson

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bill Thompson, candidate for New York City Mayor, in the WNYC Studios

Bill Thompson, former NYC Comptroller and one of the Democrats running for mayor, discusses the latest news from the mayor's race.

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augie mackenzie from NYC

Bill Thompson is a acolyte of the Rev Al Sharpton.
Billy, who I like will never be mayor, as the city is so
damned rich, and no one want to replicate the gentle
sweet Dinkins who allowed the killer of Jews to run amok.
And beside no one wants to go back to the past, black or white.
Betcha Lhota will be next big too. Catholic by practice, and Jewish by heritage.

Jul. 24 2013 06:27 PM
Sheldon from Brooklyn


I was disappointed by Mr. Thompson's comments, some of them were factually inaccurate and showed a basic contempt and willful ignorance of the law and the justice system (flawed or not.) Sadly, I'm not surprised - he a politician.

However, your comments on Trevorn Martin is disgusting. Was Trevorn Martin a "punk thug" that night - up to "no good"? Was he breaking into cars or stealing hub caps? He did not deserve what to be killed that night.

Jul. 24 2013 10:42 AM
thatgirl from manhattan

Eve from Manhattan - Bingo! Thompson doesn't have a horse in this race.

Jul. 24 2013 10:37 AM
thatgirl from manhattan

Shawn from Bergen, Profwilliams from Montclair, and Independent_Noach: is calling you home!

Jul. 24 2013 10:35 AM
thatgirl from manhattan

Shawn from Bergen - With that logic, you are assuming Zimmerman knew anything about Trayvon Martin. He was dumb enough to think Martin didn't live there. Stupid people with guns are usually the most dangerous. You're living in a Bergen fantasy if you buy the Fox News propaganda you've just spouted.

Jul. 24 2013 10:31 AM
Aaron from Manhattan

Whether Mr. Weiner should continue his run or pull out of the race is up to him. I'm undecided, but I believe that calls for his exit show a complete lack of faith in our democratic process. The issue is Mr. Weiner's credibility. That is an issue for the ballot box (I liken it to a fact-finding inquiry by a jury (in these circumstances, the voters) regarding the credibility of a witness's testimony rather than a legal issue concerning whether the testimony should be allowed). Let the rest of the voters decide whether we trust him to do a good job or not.

Mr. Thompson's call for Mr. Weiner to stand down because it's the right thing to do is misguided. He attributes way too much power to Mr. Weiner, or any one candidate, to distract voters away from the issues that "should" be discussed. The commenter who said Weiner is a dope because he couldn't get his act together obviously has no empathy or compassion for those trying to recover from an addiction (be it drugs, alcohol or sexting). Anyone whose life has been touched by one's own/family-member's/friend's addiction knows it is not uncommon for those in recovery to "relapse" and continue such behavior while they are trying to kick it.

Bottom line, let him run. If he's hung himself with his own rope, we'll find out soon enough.

Jul. 24 2013 10:25 AM
dpatriss from Manhattan

Thompson is a typical politician. He is not asking Weiner to withdraw from mayor race, but everything he said was saying he should. I will still vote for Weiner.He is the man who can do the most for the city. He didn't send those emails after he announced he was running. His wife forgave him. He was upfront about it and no one can blackmail him about it. He always said more stuff would come out. Finally, why is no one talking about these women who anonymously are revealing their on line relationships. Why isn't the press finding out who they are and expose them. Who is behind them in revealing details. Aren't they as guilty as people say Weiner is. He broke no laws. where are all those people who say we should have our privacy on line etc.

Jul. 24 2013 10:24 AM
Profwilliams from Montclair


Your guest states facts regarding the Martin case that were unsubstantiated during the trial. Not that I agree with the juries decision, but the greater case of racial profiling by cops and folks can be made without continuing to trade in wrong facts.

The biggest being that Martin was on top of GZ, breaking his nose and slamming him to the ground. And GZ right to protect himself would be the same in any state regardless of Stand Your Ground. Again, there was much wrong with this tragic case, but to continue to see politicians and leaders recite wrong facts is worrisome.

Jul. 24 2013 10:21 AM
Marcos from East Village

Seems to me that Mr. Weiner didn't properly account for the possibility that new indiscretions would emerge. Sure, he said that more things might come out; however, given how this new information is still sensational (particularly because it took place after his resignation from Congress), his previous disclosures appear to be grossly inadequate. If he can miscalculate this greatly, doesn't that reflect poorly on his ability to perform the duties required of the office he seeks? Of course, it's also possible that he took a calculated risk and simply came out on the wrong side of the bet.

Jul. 24 2013 10:20 AM
Shawn from Bergen

93% of young black males are killed by other black youth. FACT.

White males are more likely to be killed by black males than black males are to be killed by white males.

And, by the way, Zimmerman was Hispanic.

STOP allowing the media to rile up Americans with made up info. The media is to blame for so much violence in our country. You should be ashamed.

Jul. 24 2013 10:20 AM
Amy from Manhattan

Maybe Mr. Thompson would (& would be able to) end the misuse of stop & frisk if he were mayor, but that doesn't mean we wouldn't need a law against it. What does he think would happen when the next mayor was elected?

Jul. 24 2013 10:20 AM

An Open Challenge to Former Comptroller Bill Thompson and Every Other Mayoral Candidate:

Will you place public health above ideologically and politically driven agendas?

Perhaps nowhere is this question as urgent as when it comes to the "Gay"/"LGBT" and AIDS lobbies and their agendas.

There at least several different areas in which this manifest but for now, I will focus on just one.

The evidence is unambiguously clear that:

-The single greatest factor, other than intravenous drug use, in the spread of HIV-AIDS is the practice of anal penetration (buggery).

-A far greater prevalence of this act is second only to a considerably greater degree of promiscuity, both as compared to the general population, in accounting for HIV-rates as much as FOURTY-FOUR TIMES as high among homo- and bi-sexual males. (CDC)

- Much the same is true for a number of other serious, potentially lethal pathogens including hepatitis B and C, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, the human papilloma virus and herpes.

- Anal penetration (buggery) is an act that is inherently unhygienic, unsanitary, anatomically and physiologically unsound and brutal, if not downright sado-masochistic. All of this is self-evident.

(There's good reason for the particular taboo that has surrounded this act throughout most of recorded human history.)

Yet, despite all this, the "Gay"/"LGBT" and AIDS activist lobbies have consistently:

- continued to whitewash, and even effectively promote and glorify this vile, dangerous act

- balked at any suggestion that this act should even so much as merely be /discouraged/ (not outlawed but simply /discouraged)

- refused to allow information about (far) safer alternatives (such as Frot, see below) to be included in AIDS prevention programs and "gay health" resources

- demanded endless money from the taxpayers to fund this self-indulgent, hedonistic, destructive behavior, while blaming any and everyone but themselves for the HIV-AIDS epidemic

- viciously attacked anyone who dares to point-out any of the above
This includes people such as Bill Weintraub, a self-described longtime "gay activist". As emphatically pro-/homoerotic/ as he is anti-/buggery/, Weintraub coined the term "Frot" for the phallus-against-phallus sex that he advocates as the safe, natural, dignified, painless, egalitarian and fully-masculine true form of male homosexual intercourse.

Mr. Thompson: If elected mayor, will you stand-up to the "Gay"/"LGBT" and AIDS lobbies? Will you reach-out to brave dissidents such as Bill Weintraub and his colleagues at the Man2Man Alliance ( Contains graphic, adult content ), in an effort to save lives by telling the hideous truth about anal penetration and encouraging far safer alternatives?

Or will you continue, as our current "Public Health Mayor" [sic] has, to allow a politically powerful special interest lobby, driven by an /ideological agenda/, to trump public health and decency?

The choice is yours.

Jul. 24 2013 10:19 AM
The Truth from Becky

Sick of talking about zimm, at every turn, what are Mr. Thompson's other proposals.

Jul. 24 2013 10:18 AM
Shawn from Bergen


Stand your ground was not used at this trial. It wasn't a defense. So stop making stuff up. The media latched on to that stand your ground stuff, but it wasn't used in trial.

Zimmerman was told "We don't need you to do that." That's it. He wasn't told all over the place not to pursue.

You had a kid who was a Punk thug, who had been suspended from his school for pot possession, who had pictures of himself online with Guns, who had been in fights, who threw the first punch, this kid was the one who was shot. Not a 14 year old sweetheart who was out getting candy. He was a thug. He was trouble. He was asked why he was slowly walking in the rain and looking into houses, and he punched Zimmerman.

This kid was not the saint you media try to make him out to be. And the jury, who saw more facts than anyone, made that same decision. Not the Media. The jury.

Jul. 24 2013 10:18 AM
john from office

So, Zimmerman should have been given an unfair trial??To please an iliterate population, that cannot understand how a trial is done??

Let just Lynch Zimmerman, I guess. No Justice! No Peace!

Jul. 24 2013 10:17 AM
Moishe from Manhattan

With the choices of candidates we now face, this city is doomed. We don't need Dinkins II.

Jul. 24 2013 10:17 AM

He is making stuff up about the Zimmerman case...Stand Your Ground Laws never used. Cops in NYC kill black all the time.

Jul. 24 2013 10:14 AM
thatgirl from manhattan

I was expecting to wake up and hear a screechy rebuke from evil stepmother Quinn on the matter of Weiner, however. She'll use any opportunity that one.

Jul. 24 2013 10:14 AM
John from Bklyn

Wow. We don’t need another racist mayor.

No more korean grocer or Crown Heights anarchy.

Include me out.

Jul. 24 2013 10:14 AM
Eve from Manhattan

Bill Thompson was endorsed by Al D'Amato. Why should this not concern us?

Jul. 24 2013 10:14 AM
The Truth from Becky

Yes, to Bill Thompson

Jul. 24 2013 10:14 AM
mbk from manhattan

Weiner should drop out. His wife can forgive him and the public can forgive him, but his past has consequences nonetheless. He has shown to be unfit for the high office of New York City.

Jul. 24 2013 10:13 AM
Francis from Greenpoint

Weiner didn't just have online relationships with women of a sexual nature, he sent nude photos of himself to women that did not ask for such photos. That's tantamount to flashing someone on the street.

Jul. 24 2013 10:10 AM
Shawn from Bergen County

If he is willing to lie to his wife, apparently a woman he loves and has committed to, then how do you think he will treat the NYC citizens?

Any talk about his private life being private is bunk. He has shown that he is willing to deceive arguably the most important person in his life. How do you you think he'll treat the random Joe in NYC?

Jul. 24 2013 10:09 AM
Steve from Prospect Heights

Mr. Weiner is a dope & I do not mean this lightly. I mean, he was not savvy enough to clean up his act after the previous round of revelations? I do not care what is personal life is about, but if he had to resign his congressional seat due to this problem what suggests that he will not be caught in a compromising position, once again?

Jul. 24 2013 10:03 AM
Martin Chuzzlewit from Manhattan

On another note....

Bill Thompson is a sensible, sane adult with actual experience in running city finances .... and a good guy.

I don't share much of his politics, but of the Democratic choices, he deserves your support.

Jul. 24 2013 09:55 AM
Good Wife from NYC

YES! Please give air time to Candidates who deserve and have earned the right to media air time.
Not like some other weinie getting a publicity blitz for all, ALL, the wrong reasons.

On a personal note: I am personally torn between the 2 Bills (De Blasio+Thompson) in this race - both look equally compelling as NYC Mayor. Go Bills!!

Jul. 24 2013 09:33 AM

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