State of Impasse

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Monday, June 29, 2009

You probably think the New York State legislature is as dysfunctional as it gets, but Californians argue that their leadership is no better. Hear a smack down between Brian Lehrer and KPCC host Pat Morrison on which state’s elected officials are better at bringing government to a grinding halt. Plus, UFT president Randi Weingarten; and the 20th anniversary of Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing.


Pat Morrison and Randi Weingarten

School Days

Randi Weingarten, out-going president of the United Federation of Teachers and new president of the American Federation of Teachers, reviews the accomplishments and challenges of her years at the helm of the NYC teachers' union.

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NY vs. CA: Who's More Dysfunctional?

In a dysfunction showdown, Brian and Patt Morrison, host of a public affairs discussion show on KPCC radio in Los Angeles, discuss whose state government is more dysfunctional - California or New York. Which legislature do you think is more inept? Comment below!

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Brawlbany: Rudy Giuliani's Take

Former mayor and presidential candidate Rudolph Giuliani discusses his call for a constitutional convention--and other state matters.

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Supreme Court Update

Emily Bazelon, senior editor at Slate and founding editor of the XX Factor, talks about some recent rulings--as well as Justice Souter's last day on the bench. Also: Ted Shaw, a professor of law at Columbia Law School and former president of the

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Do or Die Bed-Stuy

On the 20th Anniversary of Spike Lee's "Do The Right Thing," Kai Wright, senior writer for The Root, talks about the impact of the movie and the piece "Still Do or Die in Bed Stuy." Then, Dayo Olopade, political reporter for The Root, talks about what the ...

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Summer Fun; Summer Food

Cedric Dew, executive director of the Jamaica YMCA, and Adam Weinstein New York section executive of the American Camp Association explains how the economy is impacting summer camp enrollment. And Eric Goldstein, chief executive at the Department of Education's Office of School Support Services talks about ...

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Sentencing Day

Bernie Madoff's sentence comes down today. What do you think his sentence should be?

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