New Music from Bass Players (Special Podcast)

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Listen to some music by bass players on this New Sounds.  Hear the orchestral double bass, as represented by German bass player Eberhard Weber, along with the electric bass guitar, represented by the Swedish bass guitarist Jonas Hellborg.  There's also music by California bass player Michael Manring, whose signature instrument, the hyperbass, he helped to develop and is designed for limitless altered tunings.  Plus, music from bassist/composer and jazzer/rocker Ben Allison (also composer of NPR’s On the Media theme) - his tune "Slap Happy" from the record "Peace Pipe," and more.

Special thanks to our New Sounds Summer Intern, Ross Harriss, for helping to make this podcast possible.

PROGRAM # 3472, Music for Bass  (First aired on 5/22/2013)                                                   





Eberhard Weber

Fluid Rustle

Quiet Departures [18:02]

ECM 1137

Jonas Hellborg

Aram of the Two Rivers, Live in Syria

Salah  al Din [9:47]

Bardo Music 038

Ben Allison

Peace Pipe

Slap Happy [8:05]

Palmetto Records pm2086

Michael Manring


Selene (live) [4:50]
Helios [4:20]

Manthing Music

Gary Burton Quintet w/Eberhard Weber  


Silent Spring (C Bley), excerpt [1:00]

ECM 1051