Anglophiles, Ex-Pats in NYC Abuzz About Royal Birth

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It's a boy!

As the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcome a new baby boy into their family, some British-themed businesses here in New York City are experiencing a baby boom of their own.

At Tea & Sympathy in the West Village, customers are chowing down on bangers and mash while staffers decorate the restaurant with union jack bunting. Waitress Hayley Simmonds says the restaurant is expecting an influx of customers and will be doling out English treats all day.

"You know, we're going to celebrate afternoon tea. Everyone can have cupcakes and cake and finger sandwiches," she said.

Meanwhile, at the nearby British grocery store Myers of Keswick, customer Meredith Massey said the royal birth gives her an excuse to eat some of her favourite foods. That's favourite, with a ‘u.’

"There's all sorts of interesting things in this shop, so there's Lyle's Golden Syrup cakes, and I even like the mac and cheese in a can. Don't ask me why," she said.

The store has been preparing for the big day for weeks now, asking customers to guess the baby's sex and weight. Winners will receive a gift certificate, tea or pork pie.

(Photo: British grocery store Myers of Keswick will reward customers who guessed the baby's sex and weight correctly. Jessica Gould for WNYC)